American Standard Smart Washer Manual Bidet Seat 1007372080

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  • Smart Washer Manual Bidet with Slow Closing Seat Cover

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Product Features : 

  • American Standard Smart Washer Manual Bidet Seat 1007372080
  • Slow-closing Seat & Cover – Gentle And Quiet Closing Action.
  • Dual Nozzles – Equipped With Dedicated Front And Rear Cleansing Nozzles.
  • Feminine Cleansing – Provides A Soothing Shower For A Woman’s Delicate Areas.
  • Nozzle Shutter – A Nozzle Shutter Prevents Waste Materials From Getting To The Nozzle Tips, Thus Ensuring Better Hygiene.
  • Posterior Cleansing – Offers A Strong, Direct Spray For A Thorough Cleanse.
  • Feminine Air Bubble Soft Cleansing
  • Self-cleaning Nozzles – Nozzle Tips Are Rinsed With Water Before And After Every Use.
  • Antibacterial Protection
  • Color : White
  • Installation : Top mount
  • Dimensions : L494mm x W370mm x H73mm

Compatible with Following water closets :

  1. Acacia Supasleek One-piece Toilet CL20075-6DASGCBT
  2. Acacia SupaSleek Close Coupled Toilet CL23075-6DASGCBT
  3. Acacia Supasleek Wall Hung Toilet CL31197
  4. Signature Close Coupled Back To Wall Toilet CL26225-6DAPHCB
  5. Signature 3/4.5 lpf Wall Hung Toilet CCAS3140
  6. Loven One piece Toilet CCAS1862

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