Hafele EL8500 Digital Door Lock

$538.00 $489.00

Hafele digital door locks come with many models to meet your requirements. The available mode of entry are by Fingerprint, Smart Card, PIN, Bluetooth Connection and Mechanical Key. The Hafele digital door locks consume very little power. As a result the battery can last for up to 9 months. Buy now and enjoy 2 years warranty.


Product Features

  • Mode of entry: Smart App with PIN Codes (one-time, duration-based & permanent), Smart Card, Bluetooth connection and Mechanical Key
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):
    Front Dimension: 80 x 17.8 x 303 mm
    Back Dimension: 79.8 x 26 x 302.4 mm
  • Door thickness: 40 – 60mm
  • Battery Life: 6 – 9 months
  • Accessories included:
    1 Front and Rear Module
    1 Striking Plate
    1 Set of Fixing Material
    1 User Manual
    1 Installation Template
    4 Pcs of Batteries
    4 Cards
    2 Mechanical Keys



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