Rubine Round Pushstop Rainshower Column Set RSC-PUSHSTOP-R61BK


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  • Rubine Round Pushstop Rain shower set with spout RSC-PUSHSTOP-R61BK

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Product Features :

  • Consists of: 3D Spray + Rain, Rain, 3D Spray
  • Finishes : Electroplated Black
  • Adjustable Height : 870-1170 mm
  • Patented self cleaning
  • Round rain shower head Dimension 250 mm
  • 2 functions hand shower spray
  • Swivel Spout
  • Push on SELECT button, you can switch the function from Handshower to Rainshower
  • Turn the Knob to control the water flow rate
  • Press-To-On/Off and Turn-To-Hot/Cold
  • Air Injection technology: The air injection technology will enrich the water with air and create soft feel on your skin
  • Water Consumption: 6.10 liters/min
  • Ceramic Cartridge

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